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Of Knights and Ninjas is a medieval card game that blurs the line between party and strategy game.


  • Interesting choices of actions/responses ensure a high potential for dramatic moments.
  •  Highly thematic gameplay guarantees that the rules are easy to learn & remember 
  •  Perfect mix of strategy and chance- Gamers and non-gamers, adults and children can enjoy playing together.  


 Please follow us and share Of Knights and Ninjas with your friends so that together we can make this game successful.

Of Knights and Ninjas was met with dozens of great reviews. Keep in mind that the Reviewers had a prototype that didn't yet have quick reference cards and/or icons to jog your memory as to what the cards' specific abilities were. 

JOSH MCBRIDE, Game Creator, Designer 

Josh McBride is the creative mind and designer of Blue Fox Games. Inventing games is nothing new for him. As a young child, Josh preferred to use popular games merely as pieces  to create his own games (which were sometimes painful for his parents to play with him). Now he keeps a notepad beside his bed to jot game ideas down when inspiration visits during the night (which is sometimes painful for his wife).

MEGHAN MCBRIDE, Public Relations, Marketing, Inspiration

Meghan McBride is Josh's beautiful wife, indispensable secretary, and his overall inspiration. Together, Josh and Meghan serve the indigenous people in the mountains of Costa Rica with their year-old son and their dog named Ninja...

YOU, Players, Supporters

Of Knights and Ninjas is brought to life by your anticipation, your ideas, and your horrified gasps when someone turns your king into a  traitor. 

Thank you for being a part of the Blue Fox Community by sharing your excitement with your friends and by backing our campaign. We can't wait to bring medieval feudalism back to your dining room table.

Video by JAN- CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH - who we refer to as "the Pirate". Keep an "aye" out for his Pirate-themed game that is coming soon to Kickstarter.


Available Rewards:

$29USD + Shipping

Of Knights and Ninjas - EXPANDED

Of Knights and Ninjas Expanded Game. Get the Base Game plus Invaders, Locked Up, and the Dragon's Lair Mini-Expansions.


  • Base Game
  • All Unlocked Goals
  • Invaders Expansion
  • Locked Up Expansion
  • Dragon's Lair Expansion
$58USD + Shipping

2 x Of Knights and Ninjas - EXPANDED

Buy 2 Expanded Games and we will send you our not yet released Mini Expansion FREE! (Limited to one per person, as supplies last).


  • 2 x Of Knights and Ninjas - EXPANDED
  • 1 x Medieval Legends Mini-Expansion

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